Sep. 23rd, 2012

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- This is pretty much the greatest thing ever.
- Working on dolls. They're coming along really nicely, actually.
- Finished and mailed out [ profile] jengeorge's Alex Day present. Because I'm an idiot, though, I completely forgot to take any pictures, so I guess that one's not going on the craft blog. Balls.
- Jaime's been giving me my birthday presents early and they are AAAAAWESOME. More on that later when I stop being lazy and take pictures.
- Started collecting series 8 Lego minifigs. So far I've gotten the football player and the robot; I really just want the vampire bat.
- Ecofelt is pretty much the greatest thing ever. Just saying.
- Except maybe for Ken Burns documentaries. I am a boring adult, I guess, because I think they're all fascinating. And Lois Long is my idol now.
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One of the early birthday presents Jaime got me was an O Pee Chee 12-13 hobby box. It just arrived yesterday, and when I have a box of cards, I like to open a pack a day to extend the happiness. Today, in my second pack from this box, I got this:

Um. Yeah. Pretty freaking stoked right now.


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