rinnia: (hockey)
Alex Smith ([personal profile] rinnia) wrote2012-09-04 07:02 pm

Everything tastes funky, too.

I am sick and thus not only sleepy and uncomfortable, but also falling behind in my crafting schedule DAMNIT, and it's a month until my birthday, so... birthday wishlist to cheer me up. Yeah. Whee!

- Blood Work by Holly Tucker; actually, anything from my book wishlist would be pretty sweet
- Toothless plush
- Salt pig!
- Chitown Clothing Stanley Cup shirt, size Women's XL; I wouldn't object to the Sharpie Sharpy and Commit to the Indian shirts, either
- Rhythm Heaven Fever (Wii)
- Lollipop Chainsaw (PS3)
- Persona 4 Arena (PS3)
- Mini WWE Raw Heavyweight Championship belt (don't ask; it's a Blackhawks reference)
- Keith Relief hoodie, size Large
- O-Pee-Chee 2012-13 Hobby Box
- Reebok Premier Women's Patrick Kane home jersey, size XXLarge; I'd eventually like to get the road jersey as well
- Preeeeetty much anything Kaner. I have his player shirt, St. Pat player shirt, and Bleacher Creature, but man. It's so not enough. I love his stupid face.

Addendum to add Tommy Hawk and Pucky the Whale (and maybe also the Connecticut Whale), because HOSHIT MASCOTS YO.

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