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inquiry and bloodlust

some people fuck at funerals; i cut off heads.

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Name:Alex Smith
Birthdate:Oct 4
Location:Florida, United States of America
I'm an Alex. I have a Jaime, a snake, and two dogs. And brain things. Friends welcome.

The StToFMoa Friending Meme
Alex Smith is female& obsesses about Final Fantasy (especially VIII), Persona (especially 4), Adventure Time, Disney, drag queens, and hockey& likes to listen to Jimmy Eat World, Bright Eyes, Silversun Pickups, and much other rock& also loves writing short fiction; sketching; playing rhythm games, RPGs, and anything that fucks with the mind; crafting; and singing tenor parts as loud as she can

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I married vithrar at marry_a_ljuser!

i_am_the Rinoa Heartilly of LJ
Squall Leonhart is maionlyhusbando
Rinoa Heartilly is maionlywaifu

"Thou artI and Iamthou..."
[MAGICIAN] Persona 3/4 Arcana Blogcrew


Interests (125):

adam lambert, adult swim, adventure time, alternative rock, american idol, animation, anime, apple, aqua teen hunger force, azumanga daioh, being a hipster tool, being shamelessly oh-so-emo, being the science bitch, benny & opal, benny and the jacks, blood and ice cream, bright eyes, buffy the vampire slayer, building websites, cartoons, castlevania, chicago blackhawks, crocheting, death cab for cutie, death note, dexter, disgaea, disney, disney movies, disneyworld, doodling, dragon quest, drawing, elliott smith, ezra the ghost, fashion dolls, ferrets, final fantasy, final fantasy viii, flcl, fullmetal alchemist, futurama, geekery, glee, glittering romance, gothic fiction, higurashi no naku koro, hockey, homestar runner, indigo, jaime, jimmy eat world, johnny the homicidal maniac, kenny vs. spenny, killer7, kingdom hearts, legend of legaia, look around you, lost in blue, love, manga, meat loaf, metalocalypse, mints, mononoke, muse, my chemical romance, nasa, neon genesis evangelion, nintendo, no more heroes, odie & stitch, pairings, panic at the disco, paranoia agent, penn & teller, persona, persona 4, phoenix wright, placebo, postal service, profanity, project runway, pullip, rent, rhythm games, rinoa heartilly, rock with orchestration, role-playing games, rpgs, rupaul's drag race, science, sealab 2021, shin megami tensei, short stories, sigur ros, silent hill, silversun pickups, sliiiiimes, slimes, smashing pumpkins, south park, spiders, squall & rinoa, squall leonhart, squall+rinoa=love, square games, square-enix, suda 51, super mario brothers, sytycd, tetris, the decemberists, the haunted mansion, the mighty boosh, the nightmare before christmas, the sims, the used, the x-files, twewy, video games, wolf parade, world ends with you, writing, zombie powder

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