rinnia: (exhausted)
Alex Smith ([personal profile] rinnia) wrote2011-01-07 04:46 pm

What. The fuck.

I was just informed (via e-mail at 4pm on a Friday, the jerks) that I'm a TA this term. This in addition to the course where I have to follow a doctor around for half a day once a week and write biweekly reports and an 8-10 page final paper and the course taught by my co-advisor that has ten homeworks that are ungraded but will be answered on the board by random people in class, three exams, and a quiz every week that there's not an exam. Oh, and my normal research work in the lab, of course. And this is the term I have to do my qualifier, which consists of a 15-20 minute prequalifier presentation followed by questions on both my research and general topics, an 8-10 page paper, and another 15-20 minute presentation followed by even more questions.

And my advisor's on me about these results that I'm working as fast as is scientifically possible on. It's not my fault that it didn't work the first time - his golden boy did the transfection that crapped out, not me, and the solution that failed? Is in the same line as all the ones that work. It's just older. Which I had no way of knowing, as all of this was stocked before I got here and nobody said a thing about it when I was discussing my project. They didn't know it was too old, either. So... how could I have humanly known?!

Ugh. Science. What a load.