rinnia: (insomnia)
Alex Smith ([personal profile] rinnia) wrote2009-08-18 03:06 am

Jaime's asleep, so here I am, listing.

18th - PET scan at Moffitt, as Jaime's latest CT scan showed an enlarged lymph node in his neck.
19th - my grandfather's funeral, which I can't attend, because it's being held in Tennessee, where he spent the past two years with his new wife, instead of Florida, where his wife of 47 years is buried.
20th - orientation and class registration. After that's done, I need to send my schedule to my dad so he can maybe get me dental insurance for a month and I can get whatever's painfully wrong with my molar fixed, fill out the form to get my UF health insurance, and try not to freak out about not being as knowledgeable as I feel I should be to start research work.

Huh. Wonder why I can't sleep?