rinnia: (exhausted)
Alex Smith ([personal profile] rinnia) wrote2009-09-22 11:37 pm

I should be asleep.

Well, it took me this long to end up staying up too late getting things done. I know, I know, 11:40 isn't that late, but I have class at 7:25 tomorrow morning. And a group meeting at 11 which I have not done the Powerpoint for yet (and really have no material with which to work) and will have to do after class in the lab. I was going to do it now, but I forgot to copy the images onto my lappy, and I'm just too tired and sore and half-sick-yet-again to ramble out into a dark living room, risking grievous bodily harm with every step, and retrieve my flash drive. It. Will. Wait.

I guess I got some reading done. That's good. And I think I know what I'll put on my slides. Also good. Oh, and dinner was great. Yeah. So, today was not a total loss? Sure, we'll go with that.