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Alex Smith ([personal profile] rinnia) wrote2012-05-21 10:48 pm

I am a spaz and have high aspirations.

Ashley, Dave, and Chad draw amazing things. Seeing their stuff made me want to draw things. Less amazing, granted, because those three are wowzers, but still things. And so I did!

From Breathe Easy for a While by Lake:
Jon lets go to say, "I don't think that'll be a problem again, doucheface," before kissing him seriously, for so long that they both stop treading water and start to sink. Pat cups his face underwater and seals their mouths together. Everything tastes like Patrick and chlorine and Jon lets it all go until his lungs are screaming and their feet are touching the bottom of the pool.

From Crossroad Blues by RandomEliza:
Johnny doesn’t know what he was expecting – something with horns and a tail, maybe, or a beautiful woman in a red dress, something obviously out of place. But the kid is around his age, with a mess of curly blond hair, and he’s wearing a denim jacket and a t-shirt that reads, “Non-flammable? CHALLENGE ACCEPTED” across the chest. He looks like he might have wandered out of a farmhouse down the road, except for how he kind of just appeared out of nowhere. And how he’s smiling at Johnny like he knows exactly what Johnny was thinking about.

By the way, what's the commonly accepted behavior when it comes to fanart? Do you let the author know you drew some, or just leave it to float on the internet? Which path is less rude?